How to Set Up HP Envy Driver for Windows

The printer is very easy and simple to set up. Using the items and configurations you already have with it, you can already set up a printer and use it immediately. Furthermore, you can also set up some printers just by connecting the power cable to the PC and power supply.

Basic Steps on How to Set Up your Hp Printer

But today, we are going to talk about the famous HP Envy Driver and how to set it up for work. First thing first, let’s discuss about the basic steps on setting up the printer for your Windows PC.

  1. Remove the box

Before starting off all the settings and configurations, the first step to set up a printer to your PC, basically all devices, is to remove the printer from the box. Free also the printer from the various unnecessary pieces that are still stuck into it, like tapes and styrofoam. However, keep the guiding books and other documents you may need later on.

  1. Connect the cable

In order to make the printer work, make sure you have connected all the essential cables to either the printer, PC, or both. Plug one end into the PC, power strip or outlet, and the other end into the printer itself. Make sure you have connected the right cable into the right ends, and make sure to connect them all before using the device.

  1. Read the instruction

Remember when we told you to keep the guidance books? It will necessary just now because you might want to check on some things and make sure you have done the right steps up until now through the instructions. See there, whether you need to download or install something before connecting the device to the PC, and some other basic things.

  1. Install a software

If it is needed, install necessary and relevant software to your PC first before starting to configure the setup for the printer. Usually, what software and what steps on how to install it well are on the instruction books.

  1. Turn the printer on

After pressing the power button of the printer, the USB will help to connect it to the PC. And when a new device, in this case, your printer HP Envy Driver, your PC will instantly recognize it. However, if it doesn’t work as expected, you can go to Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Printers, then click the menu Add a printer to make sure your printer is connected properly to the PC.

  1. Turn the printer off

Don’t forget to press the power button again on the printer if you’re not needing it at the moment. Best to keep its condition optimum by turning it off while not on use.

HP Envy Driver is the newest series of HP Printers that you should really check on. It includes six original series and an all-in-one. If the steps above are not working for this device nor on your PC, you can always visit the HP official homepage. There, you can recheck on the preparation, supported printer software, and configuration for your Windows PC.

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5 Addictive Mobile Games You Cannot Miss

The world right now is filled with online games because most kids right now have smartphones. In the past, they tend to stay at home to play games, because they need TV, cables everywhere, and a console which is quite big. Now, when the era has begun to develop especially in the matter of technology, kids can play games everywhere without any difficulties. Even some kids now have been addicted to those games because of the joy and happiness by playing games with their friends through an online connection. Some sites even provide Free Diamonds Mobile Legends to gain more players in the game.

5 Popular Online Mobile Games

Well, you might have been wondering why the games became so addicted because it is not quite different from the offline games? Well, you are completely wrong. Online games enable all players to communicate and play together, they have a conversation, they create strategies and they also create some sort of group of a team to play the games together.

So, what are those addicting games that we have been talked about? Well, here are the 5 games that are addictive that you cannot miss.

Mobile Legends

This is a Moba game created by Moonton tech. This game is basically having the same screenplay of DOTA which a PC game that is quite popular until now. Mobile Legends has become the most played game of the year because of the exciting gameplay, cool graphics effect and magnificent sound effect. Not only that, but this game also played as a formal Esport worldwide that needs strategy and deep thinking to win over the enemies. If you are one of the players that love this game, there is a site that provides Free Diamonds Mobile Legends that you can earn so easily.


Among many popular FPS games out there, there is one mobile fps game that is played by the most kids and adults, that is the PUBG. PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground. The objective of the game is to bet the last team standing among hundreds of players that are dropped in a map provided by PUBG.


This game is having the same gameplay such as Mobile Legends. However, AOV offers more stunning graphics and screenplay. The heroes in this game also offer more various options that players can choose for battle on the battlefield.

Free Fire

Before PUBG, there is one FPS mobile game that is popular and it is still popular until now, and that is the Free Fire. Although the game is less popular than PUBG, Free Fire still offers interesting gameplay and screenplay. Not only that, unlike PUBG that require a smartphone with gigantic specs, Free Fire is staying low and can be played with even some middle-ranged smartphone with middle-range specs.

Clash of Clans

Well, this is a very old game. Although now COC is not quite popular, the game is still very addictive. Especially for those people who haven’t been playing this strategy game. Some COC players now have been moved to different online games, but the game itself used to be the king of mobile games in its era.

See! Those are 5 addictive games that are now played among kids and adults through their smartphone. Interested to pick one of them? And, don’t forget that there is a website that provides Free Diamonds Mobile Legends so you can earn it easily and earn many more various skins to add to your collection.

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