Psychological Aspect of User’s Mobile Gaming Motivation

Psychologically, it turns out that the game has an important role for the players, both kids, and adults. Games are generally used as a substitute for the existence of parents who are busy at work. For adults, games are also used as a medium of entertainment when feeling tired. For a gamer, maybe looking for free V bucks is not something strange anymore because it can help them to be more excited about playing games.

Some of these games cannot be played easily because you have to know a few things that are important to know using a psychological aspect. Moreover, the use of mobile games, for now, is mostly done because it is considered very practical compared to having to use consoles as a tool to play games. Below are some of the psychological aspects of why people play mobile games.

Need Practical Things

One of these aspects is because the psychological condition of a person considers that the game is something that must be able to make someone enjoy a game more. After all, that is not necessary for a game that must have troublesome preparation. So that mobile games are the answer to their problems. Only by needing to open a smartphone, they can immediately play the game wherever and whenever they are.

Need Achievement

Often this game can be a medium to make someone become what they want through a game. For example, someone wants to have a certain achievement when he succeeds in doing something. This can be done through a team by completing a mission and getting achievements so that you can satisfy yourself because you have become what you want. To be able to get this achievement, some people are also looking for free v bucks.

Mobile game players have this motivation because they don’t want to feel bothered to have this achievement if they have to play a game via the console. So they prefer to seek achievements through mobile games. Moreover, the achievements in the game can also be shown in real life such as rankings and so on. Since these accomplishments are easier to obtain than in the real world, many people choose the motivation to play mobile games to achieve these accomplishments.

Requires Respect

Regarding the psychological aspect that motivates people today to play car games, it is because they need respect that is generated from their efforts in playing games. Because after all, recognition or obtaining that respect has become an important thing in the social world and is often used as a psychological satisfaction. A person will get respect when he becomes a player who is respected by other gamers because of his achievements.

Apart from that, it turns out that mobile games also allow for some social activities. One of them is when you join a gaming community, by communicating with each other or making a big contribution to the community, you will get respect from other players.

Need Knowledge

The psychological aspect that encourages someone to be able to play mobile games is also because they need knowledge. Learning new things is indeed a very impressive thing, so playing mobile games can also be said to be an alternative to learning new things. Because when you play the game, you will find out about some new things as history and others through the story presented in the game.

No wonder strategy can also be avoided as an important aspect of being able to win a game. That’s why knowledge is needed to be able to formulate these strategies based on the experience of each player.

So several important things such as psychological aspects encourage or motivate people today to play a mobile game. Moreover, there are so many things that can help them to be more interested in playing games, one of which is the availability of free V bucks when searching on the internet. So that the popularity of mobile games nowadays continues to increase and can be juxtaposed with console games.

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