Tips to Create Memorable Wedding Videography

Marriage is a special moment that is called a once in a lifetime moment. Many couples prepare carefully about the wedding carefully from clothes, decorations until wedding documentation.

Every married couple wants to have beautiful documentation because it will be remembered for life. Production House Bali provides wedding videographer services to document the most beautiful moments in your life.

Tips for Taking Wedding Videos

Taking videos at weddings doesn’t have to be done by professionals. In fact, many beginners are already experienced in making wedding videography.

The following are tips for taking wedding videos so that your video results are good and memorable:

  1. Check the Wedding Venue

This is important because you have to adjust the lighting accordingly. If your wedding is set in a ballroom or outdoor, it must be different.

The importance of seeing the venue before the wedding ceremony is so that you can set the location where you have to take a good video of the bridal moment. You will also need to adjust the video lighting.

  1. Look for a light camera

As a videographer in marriage, of course you have to keep moving. So you have to prepare a light camera and bring a monopod or camera stabilizer so that the video you record remains good and doesn’t blur.

The light camera certainly makes you not tired because it is easy to carry anywhere.

  1. Take Videos at Crucial Times

For a videographer, taking crucial moments is certainly important. If in a wedding, take a video when the bride and groom make a promise, the bride and groom ask the parents’ permission and during the first kiss of the bride and groom.

  1. Get Natural Emotions

In a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will certainly express many things, from smiles, tears, and laughter. You must be able to capture moments when the bride and groom and guests express their emotions.

Production House Bali can help you make your wedding video more memorable.

  1. Cinematic Videos

A good wedding video results in a cinematic sound. Because there are not many setting scenes. All the videos that exist are natural things from the wedding party.

Starting from the expressions, emotions, laughter and jokes in the video are natural things. So you have to be able to take all of these moments.

  1. Create the Best Footage

The shot must be from the right side. Make a series of footage that you will do on the wedding day. Take videos starting from the bride and groom coming, the family coming to the invited guests.

  1. Ask for impressions and messages from guests

As the ending of the video, you can ask one of the best friends of the bride and groom to give a message to the bride and groom. You can also ask the parents of the bride and groom to give messages to their children who just got married.

Follow the tips above when shooting wedding videos. Production House Bali will make your wedding video unique and memorable for all time.