How Math Improves Your Critical Thinking

Mathematics is a basic science that is very important to learn, which is why mathematics lessons have existed since elementary, junior high, high school to university.

Many people complain about the difficulty of learning mathematics, many even consider the formulas learned in mathematics to be irrelevant to real life, especially now that there is a derivative calculator that make it easier for us to do calculations. Then why is math important? Come on, see the following article!

The Importance of Studying Mathematics

Many think that mathematics only makes it difficult for us because now there is a derivative calculator that makes it easier for us to do calculations. Even though mathematics has an important role so we need to learn it. There are several reasons mathematics is very important, namely:

  • Mathematics is able to form mindsets

Studying math materials such as trigonometry, integrals, limits, derivatives and other materials can form a pattern of thinking. This is because learning complex questions can make us become critical and disciplined individuals.

  • Making think systematically

Apart from making someone have a good mindset, studying mathematics can make someone to be able to think systematically. This is because in doing math problems we need to go through several stages to be able to get the final result. This will make us accustomed to always think systematically and structured.

  • Make someone to be creative

Studying mathematics can also make someone think creatively, this is because solving math problems can usually be solved in various ways and solutions, we can choose the most effective method. That’s what makes a person think more creatively.

How Can Mathematics Enhance Critical Thinking?

After knowing the reasons for the importance of studying mathematics, we understand that learning mathematics can improve our critical thinking. In addition, there are several benefits to be gained from studying mathematics besides increasing critical thinking. Some of these benefits are:

  • Help learn to manage finances

By studying mathematics, it will be easy for us to be able to learn to manage finances because we are used to playing with numbers and calculations.

  • Good for brain development

Learning math is also very good for brain development. This is evidenced by a study which states that a person’s brain development is higher when learning mathematics when compared to those who do not study mathematics. Therefore, for those of us who want the brain to develop, it would be nice to study mathematics often.

  • Improve logical ability

The benefit that is no less important than studying mathematics is that it can improve logical abilities. This is also closely related to the learning objectives in the material to understand a pattern that looks abstract.

The purpose of such learning can improve one’s ability to reason well. By having good logic, one can solve a problem even though it has a complicated pattern.

  • Needed in various lines of life

Mathematics is needed in all areas of life. Where mathematics which is known to be difficult to understand can actually make a person more developed and think better. With the ability to think well, one can get into all areas of life quite easily.

Well, that’s some information about the importance of mathematics in improving one’s critical thinking. The deeper a person studies mathematics, the more critical a person’s attitude will be. However, many people ignore the importance of studying mathematics because they think that having a derivative calculator is more than enough to help with calculations.

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