How Music Can Support Your Emotional Healing

The music we hear every day can have a good effect on our mood or emotional state. So, when you’re in a bad mood, you can try listening to songs from Tubidy Music. To find out more about how music can be good for emotional healing, check out the following article.

Some Ways How Music Can Affect Emotional Healing

The impact of music is so amazing, some researchers even suggest treating mental illness using music therapy. Music therapy can also improve the social relationships of those suffering from schizophrenia. However, the activity of listening to certain music, such as sad songs, may make those suffering from depression feel more severe symptoms.

It is a common belief that listening to pleasant music can be good for one’s mood, including those with depression. For more details on the effects of music, check out some of the ways music can have an emotional impact below:

1. Produces dopamine in the brain

Music can have a big stimulus effect on the brain, which in turn can have a big effect on mood. Even if you listen to sad music or mellow music, you can still feel comfortable and even happy.

The activity of listening to music will affect the mood because of its effect that can make a person’s body produce dopamine. If there is enough dopamine in the brain, it can produce a happy effect.

2. Music has an emotional impact depending on the genre

Although music can affect your mood, you need to understand that each genre of music can have a different mood effect. Classical music is music that can make us feel calm. Classical music is also known as music that can have a good impact on brain ability.

Unlike blues music, this genre is suitable for those who often feel anxious in their daily lives. If you are often nervous, you can try listening to blues songs. The rhythm of blues music will slow down the intensity of our heartbeat, we will feel calmer with this blues music.

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3. Stimulates hormones

By listening to music from Tubidy music, it can stimulate several hormones that play a role in both mental health and brain function. Cortisol is one of the stimulated hormones. This is the hormone that plays a role in a person’s stress level.

Another hormone is serotonin, which is related to human immunity.

Oxytocin is another hormone that can be stimulated by music, which fosters the ability to connect with others.

4. Evokes memory/nostalgia

Certain music can bring us back to what we were doing in the past. Through music, we can reminisce about special memories or past moments can then evoke certain emotions.

It can be said that music is one type of memory that survives very well in brain function. Even if people have dementia, they can still slowly dig up memories from music.

Some Genres Of Music And Their Effects On One’s Emotional State

Previously, we discussed the emotional impact of music based on its genre. This time, we will give you a further explanation of more genres and their effects on the emotional state of those who listen to them.

As trivial as it may seem, music genres can have different effects on a person’s mental state. Check out the points below to find out about some music genres and their impact on emotional states.

– Classic

Classical music is the best music to listen to if you want to focus more on doing something. Classical music is great for building concentration. Your mind can also be calmer by listening to this genre of music.

Because of these good effects, classical music is ideal to listen to when you are working, studying, and doing other activities.

– Rock/Pop

Whether it’s rock or pop music, it can be good for your mood. With its energetic and fast-paced characteristics, it can make you feel energized to go about your daily activities. But you also need to know that this genre of songs can distract your concentration while studying or working.

– Jazz

What you can expect from listening to jazz music is a reduction in stress levels. Your tired body can recover a bit by listening to jazz.

– Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is closely associated with aggressive characteristics and loud sounds. Heavy metal is good for relieving negative thoughts and emotions. This music can also be effective in distracting you from the burdens of life or daily problems.

– Rap

Rap is a genre of music that energizes you. Not only can rap music energize you, but it can also motivate you. If you want to exercise, clean the house, or do any other physical activity, you can do it while listening to rap, or hip-hop songs.

Other Benefits of Music Listening

It’s not just good for mental or emotional health. Listening to music has other benefits. Certain music can encourage us to move. We can also keep our bodies active.

Listening to music that can make us want to move is also good for heart health. Another benefit of listening to music is that it can reduce fatigue after completing other activities. Another benefit you get from listening to music is that it strengthens muscle endurance when you do repetitive work.

But if you want to stay concentrated while listening to music, try choosing instrumental music or songs without lyrics. Music like that keeps you focused while you’re working on something. Instrumental music is good to listen to when you’re studying.

From what you read above, you can tell that there are many benefits to listening to music. It’s easy to start listening to the music you need now, you can access it through Tubidy Music. That’s all for this article, hopefully, it will be useful for you.

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Vertex Form: Building a Foundation in Algebra

Mathematics is a subject of learning that is both very interesting and complicated for most people. The interesting side of mathematics is when they are able to provide a way out for many of the confusion that scientists face, one of which is in the discussion of vertex form.

The vertex formula itself is nothing new, where in the world of formal education in general; this material has been taught a lot and has become one of the very solid foundations in building an algebraic formula. If there was no knowledge of this, algebra might not have been discovered and studied until now.

What is Vertex Form?

The vertex formula is widely used to find the coordinates of a point where a curve intersects its symmetry axis. The peak is called the vertex (h, k). For those of you who have formal education or who are particularly concerned with the subject of mathematics, of course you already know that the standard equation for calculating a curve is: y = ax 2 + bx + c.

In this formula, if the x2 coefficient has a positive shape, then the vertex of the curve is at the bottom of a U-shaped curve. However, if the coefficient is negative, then the vertex on the curve is at the top of a U-shaped curve.

The peak at a minimum curve is when the curve is in an open position upwards, or a maximum curve is when the curve is open downwards, and for a curve the position rotates or has changed its direction.

How to Find the Vertex of Curve

So that we can find a vertex on a curve, there is one way to use a graph that will help in finding the maximum and minimum values on the curve.

It can also use two points or use symmetry on the curve. You can also use a quadratic equation with the appropriate formula. You will find the vertices of a curve through the formulas of quadratic equations that have the form of factored form, vertex, or standard form.

Finding the Vertex of the Curve

There are several ways to find the vertex of a curve, understand this theory carefully and if necessary read it several times so that you can understand its application correctly and remember it at any time:

Through the use of equations: By using a system of quadratic equations with factored form, vertex form, and standard form, it will be possible to find the vertices of the required curve.

Using the two-point or symmetry method: You can use any two points that are on a horizontal line that are the same distance as you measure from the vertex of the curve. It can also take advantage of symmetry in order to find the peak point.

Utilizing graphs: By using a quadratic graph, you can see the local maximum or the shape of the top of the curve, and also the local minimum or the shape of the bottom of the curve to be able to find points at the top of the curve.

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Relationship with Algebra

Vertex is applied also in algebra. As already explained, the curve is a graph of an equation with a shape like the letter U. The curve is generated from a quadratic equation which can be used as a variation of the following formula:

y = ax2 + bx + c y = ax^2 + bx + cy = ax2 + bx + c

There are two types of parabolic apex, there is a point under the letter U when it opens upwards, it can also be at the top point of the letter U that opens downwards or U is upside down.

For example, the bottom point of the curve has the equation y = x2 with the point position (0,0). There are rising charts on either side of this point. It can be concluded (0,0) to be the peak and vertex of the graph from the equation y = x2.

The formula for finding the vertex of a curve using many methods is a solid foundation in an equally interesting subject of algebra.

What is Algebra?

Algebra is referred to as a form of branch of knowledge in mathematics and discusses in detail how to simplify as well as solve problems using symbols as substitutes.

The forms are constants and variables. This subject is known as a branch of mathematics which discusses the theory of geometry, numbers, and algebraic theory to conduct research.

That is why the vertex form is an important first step to create a strong foundation in the world of mathematics education.

Algebra Inventor

Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi was born in Bukhara in 780 AD, lived in Khawarizmi for a long time and he really liked mathematics as a challenging knowledge.

Al-Khwarizmi was one of the researchers who discovered algebra, marked by the large library and scientific research center created by Harun Al-Rashid. Al-Khwarizmi was known to many Europeans as Algorizm or is now known as the algorithm concept. The concept of algorithm has been used in various types of science, related to computers and engineering.

That is a discussion of the relationship between Vertex form which is a strong foundation in the world of algebra that is widely used today. Algebra has provided many benefits in technological developments because its formulation is widely used in computerized programs and is also associated with coding and the creation of software or applications that are commonly used today.

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Stephen A. Smith’s Favorite Team & Player

When it comes to sports, Stephen A. Smith has always been bold enough to voice his opinion, even if it’s not about Stephen A Smith daughter or family. Recently, Smith gave his opinion on the best NBA teams. In the NBA league, we know that there are quite a few top teams, so which one is Smith’s favorite?

Boston Celtics Are The Team Smith Considers The Best NBA Team

One of Smith’s opinions is about which team is in the top tier more than any other team, it is the Boston Celtics that Smith feels is the best. The Celtics are one of the popular defending champions. Smith’s decision to make this team the most qualified is not far-fetched.

Then to complete the list of the best teams, Smith feels that the Bucks, are another excellent team. The other teams are the Suns, Sixers, and Nuggets. From the team list, there are two teams chosen by Smith from the Western region. While the other three teams are from the Eastern region.

If we look at the list of favorite teams, we can think that Smith believes the NBA champion is most likely from the Eastern region. The Eastern region has a lot of potential, one of which is the best power. Many teams are competing for the playoffs in the West.

The Western Conference is a tough battleground. The Celtics have been built as a team for the playoffs from last year. Smith, who brought the same team, was able to make many NBA fans believe that the Celtics were able to win the Eastern Conference. As many people know, the Playoffs are an interesting NBA moment

What About The Top NBA Players?

Stephen A Smith has the top picks for NBA players. There are even 3 names of players from the LA Lakers. Historically, the Lakers have been a promising team in the NBA. Many star players with gold and purple outfits can give surprising performances.

It’s no wonder that most of Smith’s player picks feature some Lakers. Smith, the host of First Take, is known for his extraordinary perspective.

Surprisingly, he took a fairly conventional view in making his picks for the NBA’s top players. Michael Jordan along with LeBron James are Smith’s top two picks. For third place, there is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who can take the attention of Stephen A Smith.

To make Smith’s top 5 complete, he decided to take one player from two teams, the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. Smith completes the top 5 picks with Bill Russel and Magic Johnson. It seems there is no basketball player of all time without frequent honors.

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Naturally, the late Russell was Smith’s choice for position 4. Then to complete his list of top picks, Smith decided to take a look at “Showtime” talent, he filled the 5th spot with Magic Johnson’s name. Here’s the full list:

  • Michael Jordan
  • LeBron James
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Bill Russel
  • Magic Johnson

From the list, we don’t find anything particularly surprising.

Each of the players that Smith is a favorite with is widely regarded as the greatest. All of them have played a big part in the game, and none of them are seriously controversial. If we talk about exceptions, you might find intense debates surrounding some players.

Especially those who have certain cases but deserve to be on the list of 5 big players. Call it Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, or Tim Duncan. Each of them has a strong enough reason to be on the top list. But the list of the 5 greatest NBA players will depend on personal preferences and views.

The top player’s position in Smith’s point of view is no surprise, including to First Take viewers. Smith has been discussing the GOAT debate in the NBA recently. It seems that many people already know Smith’s perspective on the NBA. It’s just that some things about his family, such as Stephen A Smith daughter, aren’t as well known.

Back to Smith’s opinion on the GOAT for the NBA. Previously, Smith’s choice for GOAT was LeBron James, although it ended after 2021-22. LeBron James was at the peak of his greatness, many people agree that LeBron James is the real GOAT. But unfortunately last season, this was dismissed by Smith.

You probably know that LeBron and the Lakers didn’t make it to the playoffs last season by a long shot. They relied on some great players at the time, Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook, and James. Even with so many great players, this LA team was unable to get satisfactory results. What they got was mediocre for last season. Because of these conditions, Smith has a new statement regarding the GOAT debate.

As pretty much everyone knows, Smith is a Dad, he has 2 children despite not having a clear partner right now. Even in that situation, Smith is still able to make a huge contribution to First Take. Many people talk about Stephen A Smith daughter, but Smith’s hosting skills and outlook are also worth talking about.

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