Stephen A. Smith’s Favorite Team & Player

When it comes to sports, Stephen A. Smith has always been bold enough to voice his opinion, even if it’s not about Stephen A Smith daughter or family. Recently, Smith gave his opinion on the best NBA teams. In the NBA league, we know that there are quite a few top teams, so which one is Smith’s favorite?

Boston Celtics Are The Team Smith Considers The Best NBA Team

One of Smith’s opinions is about which team is in the top tier more than any other team, it is the Boston Celtics that Smith feels is the best. The Celtics are one of the popular defending champions. Smith’s decision to make this team the most qualified is not far-fetched.

Then to complete the list of the best teams, Smith feels that the Bucks, are another excellent team. The other teams are the Suns, Sixers, and Nuggets. From the team list, there are two teams chosen by Smith from the Western region. While the other three teams are from the Eastern region.

If we look at the list of favorite teams, we can think that Smith believes the NBA champion is most likely from the Eastern region. The Eastern region has a lot of potential, one of which is the best power. Many teams are competing for the playoffs in the West.

The Western Conference is a tough battleground. The Celtics have been built as a team for the playoffs from last year. Smith, who brought the same team, was able to make many NBA fans believe that the Celtics were able to win the Eastern Conference. As many people know, the Playoffs are an interesting NBA moment

What About The Top NBA Players?

Stephen A Smith has the top picks for NBA players. There are even 3 names of players from the LA Lakers. Historically, the Lakers have been a promising team in the NBA. Many star players with gold and purple outfits can give surprising performances.

It’s no wonder that most of Smith’s player picks feature some Lakers. Smith, the host of First Take, is known for his extraordinary perspective.

Surprisingly, he took a fairly conventional view in making his picks for the NBA’s top players. Michael Jordan along with LeBron James are Smith’s top two picks. For third place, there is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who can take the attention of Stephen A Smith.

To make Smith’s top 5 complete, he decided to take one player from two teams, the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. Smith completes the top 5 picks with Bill Russel and Magic Johnson. It seems there is no basketball player of all time without frequent honors.

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Naturally, the late Russell was Smith’s choice for position 4. Then to complete his list of top picks, Smith decided to take a look at “Showtime” talent, he filled the 5th spot with Magic Johnson’s name. Here’s the full list:

  • Michael Jordan
  • LeBron James
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Bill Russel
  • Magic Johnson

From the list, we don’t find anything particularly surprising.

Each of the players that Smith is a favorite with is widely regarded as the greatest. All of them have played a big part in the game, and none of them are seriously controversial. If we talk about exceptions, you might find intense debates surrounding some players.

Especially those who have certain cases but deserve to be on the list of 5 big players. Call it Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, or Tim Duncan. Each of them has a strong enough reason to be on the top list. But the list of the 5 greatest NBA players will depend on personal preferences and views.

The top player’s position in Smith’s point of view is no surprise, including to First Take viewers. Smith has been discussing the GOAT debate in the NBA recently. It seems that many people already know Smith’s perspective on the NBA. It’s just that some things about his family, such as Stephen A Smith daughter, aren’t as well known.

Back to Smith’s opinion on the GOAT for the NBA. Previously, Smith’s choice for GOAT was LeBron James, although it ended after 2021-22. LeBron James was at the peak of his greatness, many people agree that LeBron James is the real GOAT. But unfortunately last season, this was dismissed by Smith.

You probably know that LeBron and the Lakers didn’t make it to the playoffs last season by a long shot. They relied on some great players at the time, Anthony Davis Russell Westbrook, and James. Even with so many great players, this LA team was unable to get satisfactory results. What they got was mediocre for last season. Because of these conditions, Smith has a new statement regarding the GOAT debate.

As pretty much everyone knows, Smith is a Dad, he has 2 children despite not having a clear partner right now. Even in that situation, Smith is still able to make a huge contribution to First Take. Many people talk about Stephen A Smith daughter, but Smith’s hosting skills and outlook are also worth talking about.

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Tips to Create Memorable Wedding Videography

Marriage is a special moment that is called a once in a lifetime moment. Many couples prepare carefully about the wedding carefully from clothes, decorations until wedding documentation.

Every married couple wants to have beautiful documentation because it will be remembered for life. Production House Bali provides wedding videographer services to document the most beautiful moments in your life.

Tips for Taking Wedding Videos

Taking videos at weddings doesn’t have to be done by professionals. In fact, many beginners are already experienced in making wedding videography.

The following are tips for taking wedding videos so that your video results are good and memorable:

  1. Check the Wedding Venue

This is important because you have to adjust the lighting accordingly. If your wedding is set in a ballroom or outdoor, it must be different.

The importance of seeing the venue before the wedding ceremony is so that you can set the location where you have to take a good video of the bridal moment. You will also need to adjust the video lighting.

  1. Look for a light camera

As a videographer in marriage, of course you have to keep moving. So you have to prepare a light camera and bring a monopod or camera stabilizer so that the video you record remains good and doesn’t blur.

The light camera certainly makes you not tired because it is easy to carry anywhere.

  1. Take Videos at Crucial Times

For a videographer, taking crucial moments is certainly important. If in a wedding, take a video when the bride and groom make a promise, the bride and groom ask the parents’ permission and during the first kiss of the bride and groom.

  1. Get Natural Emotions

In a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom will certainly express many things, from smiles, tears, and laughter. You must be able to capture moments when the bride and groom and guests express their emotions.

Production House Bali can help you make your wedding video more memorable.

  1. Cinematic Videos

A good wedding video results in a cinematic sound. Because there are not many setting scenes. All the videos that exist are natural things from the wedding party.

Starting from the expressions, emotions, laughter and jokes in the video are natural things. So you have to be able to take all of these moments.

  1. Create the Best Footage

The shot must be from the right side. Make a series of footage that you will do on the wedding day. Take videos starting from the bride and groom coming, the family coming to the invited guests.

  1. Ask for impressions and messages from guests

As the ending of the video, you can ask one of the best friends of the bride and groom to give a message to the bride and groom. You can also ask the parents of the bride and groom to give messages to their children who just got married.

Follow the tips above when shooting wedding videos. Production House Bali will make your wedding video unique and memorable for all time.

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3 Core Psychology Trading Basics

If you have been interested in Oil Trading Basics for some times now, and also been engaged with Psychology Trading Ideas. You will eventually learn that you are in the need of true basics that you can apply just correctly for each of the activity. Good news is: there are!

Today, we are going to talk about the basics that we can implement for Oil Trading, Physical Trading, and any other kinds of trading that you may find interesting. We believe that there are at least 3 core concepts that will guide us, not only to understand the activity of trading, but also succeeding in it.

3 Psychology Trading Basics

Starting from this, let’s check out what the 3 basics are for trading:

  1. Diversity and Balance

Wait, how we could possibly achieve diversity when we are as well pursuing balance in our life? The answer to that question, regarding to Oil Trading Basics we’re going to learn now, is keeping the right mindset, and that is understanding that trading is not everything.

Your excitement towards the market movements and price exchanges may give you much intensity, but please remember you also need to have clear and settled mind in order to survive. When it comes to diversity and balance, you must be able to seek for information’s and experiences as much as possible and you can, but keep your life balanced by taking everything mindfully.

  1. Replicate the Success

Up until now, there are so many successful and inspiring traders that you can learn from, be it from their mistakes, struggle, or anything else. By the time you get into this trading world, we believe that you are having a kind of role model that keeps on motivating you to be like them at some point. That is exactly what you need to survive in trading. Please let their journey becomes your coach, and replicate their effort in their case, so that you can have impact from the rightful source.

  1. Know Yourselves, then Use Your Strengths

You must be good at one thing, and that may be trading. If you think trading is all about utilizing what’s outside, we are highly recommend you to look into yourself first and know yourself better. You have to make sure you will do what works the best for yourself, and that including your choice in broker, capital, tool, and many others. Also, try to practice your acknowledgement about yourself by staying put and updated with everything that supports your action later on.

  1. Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

No pain, no gain. You may really have to go outside your comfort zone in order to earn something. We are suggesting you to push yourself, although you are absolutely allowed to stop if you think you’ve hit the limit. However, try making progress whenever and however possible.

Let us close this with a concrete saying: Practice Makes Perfect! Hopefully, you can get the result as you wish after reading and comprehending the Oil Trading Basics as we provided above.

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3 Essential Preparations for Wedding Planning

Wedding is a special moment you will experience once in a lifetime. As you might wonder how your wedding day will be, you might get into some preparations for this special moment. But, as you plan your big day, you will not even realize how you can finally come to the moment. Actually, preparing wedding is not so difficult. You can prepare so many things, including Bali wedding venue that might be your dream wedding venue. So, we’ll give you an insight about how you can prepare your wedding and plan it to make your big day more unforgettable. Some considerations are even more important for you, so you need to make sure your wedding day is completely designed as you wished,

A Complete Preparation For Your Wedding Day

A beautiful wedding day is a thing you can have by preparing everything just as you wished. As you prepare your wedding day, you can consider some things that will never give you disappointment. Make sure you can consider some things that will make your day more unforgettable. To make it a perfect day for you and your loved one, you can prepare some of these key preparations:

  1. Venue is one of the most important things you need to consider. Where will you hold your wedding day? Do you want to hold an intimate wedding party or something grander? You can consider getting some of the most important preparation so you will make your dream come true. If you want to have a perfect wedding, then you can consider having your wedding in Bali wedding venue. Some villas and hotels can be your options for a perfect wedding day.
  2. Your attire is also an important thing you can consider. When you choose a good attire, then your whole look will be more important. Don’t hesitate getting a wedding dress that will be good and suitable with what you need. Besides, you can also consider the best attire that will make you feel more comfortable when you wear it. You can also suit the dress with your makeup. Indeed, having a good makeup will be perfect to make you look more beautiful and gorgeous.
  3. The food is also an important thing for you. Indeed, choosing a menu for your wedding day is important. Don’t hesitate choosing a menu that will suit you well. Which one your favorite food is? How can you choose a goof menu that will be perfect for your guests? Make sure you can arrange a perfect menu that will make your day even more special.

The Ultimate Preparation For Your Special Day

When it comes to you to prepare your special day, then you need to make sure everything is based on what you need. Choose a good option so you can have a perfect wedding. In case of getting your dream wedding day, you can add the best thing that will be perfect for you. Give the most of it as you can prepare the entertainment, souvenirs, and other things that will make your wedding day more beautiful. Get a perfect wedding day in Bali wedding venue that will make it even more beautiful!

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Feel Nostalgic with These Classic Games

Are you looking for some fun? Do you want to try something fun and feel nostalgic? Remembering the old days when you were younger will be a great thing to experience. Don’t worry! Some games are ready to bring back those sweet memories of you and your loved games. As you might feel nostalgic playing the best ps1 games, you can still choose the best games that suit you the most. So, why don’t you get your hands on some of these unique games? You can feel nostalgic and get those sweet memories back! Are you ready to feel them?

Top 5 Nostalgic Games to Play in Your Leisure Time

Playing a classic game will be quite fun for you. It has a story and will bring you back to those days when you’re younger. These games will be more attractive to play as you might experience new features when playing the game. Here are some of the best classic games you should try:

  1. Club Penguin is one of the most attractive games you can play. When it comes to you to choose this game, you can experience doing virtual interaction such as owning homes, pets, clothing, and even work on the platform. Now, you can even play the characters from Disney movies like the ones from Zootopia and Frozen.
  2. If you ever had a dream of having pets but against your parents’ will, then Neopets is the best game you should play. It is one of the best ps1 games that will let you raise and take care of the pets you never had. It doesn’t have any real objection, as you have to prevent the pets from getting harm.
  3. Maplestory M is also a well-known game in Singapore. It consists of many unique concepts for playing the game, as you will have to kill monsters, doing puzzles, and others. In this game, you will need to choose four characters:
  4. The Sims is also one of the most attractive games as it is still available to play today. The updates bring new features and stories, making it a good game to explore your business. Of course, it brings you plenty of fun things in life.
  5. Lilo and Stitch’s 625 Sandwich Stacker is also a popular game you can play. It gives you a new story as Stitch’s cousin, 625, comes to the earth and you have to stack ingredients for the sandwich. It’s fun!

Experiencing the Games Optimally

When it comes to you to choose a game that will be perfect for nostalgia, you need to know how to play it properly. Make sure you’re always up-to-date with the updates and new features, as it will give you plenty of benefits. Play it with your childhood friends and feel a nostalgic feeling! Don’t forget to find the best tools so you can experience it to the most. Get your memories back from the best ps1 games! Are you ready to feel nostalgic and play them with your friends?

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Setting Up Your New Phone Made Easy

Buying a new phone will always make you excited. As you choose a new phone, you must anticipate new features to make you feel more comfortable. When it comes to you to set up your new phone, then you need to know how to do it properly. Find the free user manual in some products to keep yourself updated with features and sophisticated things for you. As you choose a good thing, you can start looking for good material for your need. But, what are the essential things to set up when you want to get along with it? We’ll give you a complete thing to try on your new phone.

Easily Set a New Phone on Your Own

If you want to set up your new phone, you need to know how you can get them right. Usually, a manual is available in the phone box when you purchase it. So, you will get them easily when you purchase one. But, you can choose which things to set up first after you purchase it. Here are some things you can consider:

  1. Consider the language, as it will be really good for you to operate your phone. Operating your phone with a language you understand will make you feel more comfortable. Besides, you also can get more settings for the language by choosing the advanced setting for it. The options will make you feel more comfortable when you choose them. Besides, you will also find it fun for you to consider.
  2. As you choose a good phone experience, you can simply choose a network based on your preference. The network operator will give you many options that will make you feel more comfortable when choosing it. You can also find many options on network provider that is good and has a good signal strength in your area. It makes you feel easier when you choose them. Therefore, you can use your phone optimally by following the free user manual.
  3. Get the set for the time in your region. Usually, the phone will automatically update it. As you choose it, you can simply get them easily without any regret. But, if you have to set them manually, you can choose them in the setting menu. It makes you feel more in control when you choose them easily. Therefore, you can get them right before getting any difficulty.

Those are some things you can consider when you choose the set up for the new phone. Setting up a new phone can be easy and fun. Especially when you customize the setting based on your preference. By doing so, you can get the best phone setting that suits you the most.

The Best Setting for Your Phone

When it comes to you to set up your phone, you can simply choose them based on your preference. But, you can also get them by choosing some default settings. It improves your user experience when using the phone. Besides, you will also make it more customized and suitable for your need. Don’t forget to make sure that you use the free user manual in the phone package so you don’t get any difficulty when you set them up. So, be ready to explore the features of your new phone!

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Distributors and Retail Associations Training Programs

All companies want to look great such as every Parker Distributor Indonesia, both internal and external. Meanwhile, in order to make it happen the company needs Human Resources to build it as desired. Therefore, Human Resources here must be able to work productively, innovatively, and creatively can make the best wheels to advance the company. The most appropriate step in order to form a good company’s HR is to be able to do a training program.

5 Types of Training Program for Distributors and Retail Associations

  • Skill Training

The first training and development that can be done on company HR are to train their expertise or skill training. This training is also quite often carried out by several companies. You can do this by assessing what is needed or lacking which can then be identified through a more thorough assessment.

  • Team Training

Providing team training to company HR is highly recommended. Because after all employees in the company will not work alone, they must be able to solve problems or work in teams so that the company’s goals can be achieved.

  • Training on technology related to the company

Technological development has been increasingly rapid. Companies can not close their eyes that there must be the technology that affects the work system in the company. Therefore, the influence is quite large, so companies must provide training for their HR to be techno savy. Therefore, they will be able to work productively, creatively, and innovatively.

  • Language training

Training and development on language should also be considered if the company wants to be more developed, like the Parker Distributor Indonesia companies, in which the companies that are affiliated with global Parker companies as distributors for the products. Certainly, the foreign language factor is a very fundamental thing to master.

  • Company Creativity Training

The process of creativity training or also called creativity training is a training and development program that can provide opportunities for company human resources to issue ideas based on rational values. This idea will be further developed so that the company can be better built.

Tips for Staff Training

Research says that people learn and store information very well when they use several aspects of their brains simultaneously. Thus, it is better to provide several ways for this. Initially it might be explained verbally, after that give examples through video and also give a manual book that they can read. Then if they have to learn an application, give them practice directly and also give a manual book that they can open and read at any time.

Then, by trying the staff to play the role. This is considered effective, especially for sales. You can give an example first, Then ask the staff to play their roles as if they were dealing with customers. By playing the role the staff can practice directly and you can correct if something is judged to be wrong and incorrect. By giving staff the opportunity to be creative, they can later evaluate themselves and determine good things for business progress such as Parker Distributor Indonesia companies. Of course it must be under supervision.

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Tips to Optimize your Gaming Mouse

Do you know that small components, like a mouse, actually will strongly affect your gaming experience. Not to mention, the right choice of gaming mouse will also boost up your success in playing games. This time on Fileloysoft, we are going to talk about the tips to optimize your gaming mouse. For the very first start, you should choose the best options among all, which is the one with the most compatible specifications for your needs. Nonetheless, you should also consider the comfort aspect. Right now, let’s move on to keep it maintained, and moreover improve it to earn even more benefits from it.

Several Tips in Optimizing your Gaming Mouse

Below are 5 tips you can do to enhance your gaming mouse and perform better while playing games:

  1. Laser or optical mouse

Your choice of your gaming mouse is actually very essential. For your reference, you will meet two types of a gaming mouse, laser and optical. Generally speaking, a laser mouse is the one connected best to the blue LED, and the one type that’s more adaptive to surfaces, like your plain desk or mouse pad, and even glass. For other information about this, you can learn more about a mouse on the Fileloysoft page.

  1. DPI adjustment

DPI is Dots per inch, the value that’s related to the speed of a mouse. The bigger the DPI value is, the faster is the cursor movement. There are games that are fast-paced, therefore you should control your mouse faster in playing or switching game types. While you first have to pick the mouse that suits your needs and budget, a mouse that’s good in terms of accuracy and speed will sure make a huge difference.

  1. Macro key

The mouse that is specially designed for gaming often has a macro key, or multiple, to offer more access. It can found on the right or left side of the mouse mostly is based on how the mouse is aimed for specific right-handed and left-handed users. Going for a mouse with this feature that’s also comfortable for your hold will improve your gaming performance.

  1. Device port

A gaming device port is equipped to transfer a certain amount of connectivity and acceleration in order to pursue a high-end gaming experience. The exact reason why you really need gaming device ports on your motherboard is that you also need to react faster and more responsive while playing games.

  1. Mouse feet

Mouse feet play an important role in your gaming experience as its smoothness will offer nice speed to your movement. For your information, the most common and reliable material for it is Teflon, made from a chemical named PTEF (Polytetrafluorethene). Relating to the usage of high-quality mouse feet, have it with you a quality mouse pad, too. You can either invest on a good mouse pad as well or periodically changing the Teflon tape in case it’s easily damaged.

So, there are the main 5 tips to optimize your gaming mouse. If you ever look for information, and even upgrade to your gaming mouse, feel free to visit and find more on Fileloysoft.

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How to Set Up HP Envy Driver for Windows

The printer is very easy and simple to set up. Using the items and configurations you already have with it, you can already set up a printer and use it immediately. Furthermore, you can also set up some printers just by connecting the power cable to the PC and power supply.

Basic Steps on How to Set Up your Hp Printer

But today, we are going to talk about the famous HP Envy Driver and how to set it up for work. First thing first, let’s discuss about the basic steps on setting up the printer for your Windows PC.

  1. Remove the box

Before starting off all the settings and configurations, the first step to set up a printer to your PC, basically all devices, is to remove the printer from the box. Free also the printer from the various unnecessary pieces that are still stuck into it, like tapes and styrofoam. However, keep the guiding books and other documents you may need later on.

  1. Connect the cable

In order to make the printer work, make sure you have connected all the essential cables to either the printer, PC, or both. Plug one end into the PC, power strip or outlet, and the other end into the printer itself. Make sure you have connected the right cable into the right ends, and make sure to connect them all before using the device.

  1. Read the instruction

Remember when we told you to keep the guidance books? It will necessary just now because you might want to check on some things and make sure you have done the right steps up until now through the instructions. See there, whether you need to download or install something before connecting the device to the PC, and some other basic things.

  1. Install a software

If it is needed, install necessary and relevant software to your PC first before starting to configure the setup for the printer. Usually, what software and what steps on how to install it well are on the instruction books.

  1. Turn the printer on

After pressing the power button of the printer, the USB will help to connect it to the PC. And when a new device, in this case, your printer HP Envy Driver, your PC will instantly recognize it. However, if it doesn’t work as expected, you can go to Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Printers, then click the menu Add a printer to make sure your printer is connected properly to the PC.

  1. Turn the printer off

Don’t forget to press the power button again on the printer if you’re not needing it at the moment. Best to keep its condition optimum by turning it off while not on use.

HP Envy Driver is the newest series of HP Printers that you should really check on. It includes six original series and an all-in-one. If the steps above are not working for this device nor on your PC, you can always visit the HP official homepage. There, you can recheck on the preparation, supported printer software, and configuration for your Windows PC.

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5 Addictive Mobile Games You Cannot Miss

The world right now is filled with online games because most kids right now have smartphones. In the past, they tend to stay at home to play games, because they need TV, cables everywhere, and a console which is quite big. Now, when the era has begun to develop especially in the matter of technology, kids can play games everywhere without any difficulties. Even some kids now have been addicted to those games because of the joy and happiness by playing games with their friends through an online connection. Some sites even provide Free Diamonds Mobile Legends to gain more players in the game.

5 Popular Online Mobile Games

Well, you might have been wondering why the games became so addicted because it is not quite different from the offline games? Well, you are completely wrong. Online games enable all players to communicate and play together, they have a conversation, they create strategies and they also create some sort of group of a team to play the games together.

So, what are those addicting games that we have been talked about? Well, here are the 5 games that are addictive that you cannot miss.

Mobile Legends

This is a Moba game created by Moonton tech. This game is basically having the same screenplay of DOTA which a PC game that is quite popular until now. Mobile Legends has become the most played game of the year because of the exciting gameplay, cool graphics effect and magnificent sound effect. Not only that, but this game also played as a formal Esport worldwide that needs strategy and deep thinking to win over the enemies. If you are one of the players that love this game, there is a site that provides Free Diamonds Mobile Legends that you can earn so easily.


Among many popular FPS games out there, there is one mobile fps game that is played by the most kids and adults, that is the PUBG. PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground. The objective of the game is to bet the last team standing among hundreds of players that are dropped in a map provided by PUBG.


This game is having the same gameplay such as Mobile Legends. However, AOV offers more stunning graphics and screenplay. The heroes in this game also offer more various options that players can choose for battle on the battlefield.

Free Fire

Before PUBG, there is one FPS mobile game that is popular and it is still popular until now, and that is the Free Fire. Although the game is less popular than PUBG, Free Fire still offers interesting gameplay and screenplay. Not only that, unlike PUBG that require a smartphone with gigantic specs, Free Fire is staying low and can be played with even some middle-ranged smartphone with middle-range specs.

Clash of Clans

Well, this is a very old game. Although now COC is not quite popular, the game is still very addictive. Especially for those people who haven’t been playing this strategy game. Some COC players now have been moved to different online games, but the game itself used to be the king of mobile games in its era.

See! Those are 5 addictive games that are now played among kids and adults through their smartphone. Interested to pick one of them? And, don’t forget that there is a website that provides Free Diamonds Mobile Legends so you can earn it easily and earn many more various skins to add to your collection.

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