Distributors and Retail Associations Training Programs

All companies want to look great such as every Parker Distributor Indonesia, both internal and external. Meanwhile, in order to make it happen the company needs Human Resources to build it as desired. Therefore, Human Resources here must be able to work productively, innovatively, and creatively can make the best wheels to advance the company. The most appropriate step in order to form a good company’s HR is to be able to do a training program.

5 Types of Training Program for Distributors and Retail Associations

  • Skill Training

The first training and development that can be done on company HR are to train their expertise or skill training. This training is also quite often carried out by several companies. You can do this by assessing what is needed or lacking which can then be identified through a more thorough assessment.

  • Team Training

Providing team training to company HR is highly recommended. Because after all employees in the company will not work alone, they must be able to solve problems or work in teams so that the company’s goals can be achieved.

  • Training on technology related to the company

Technological development has been increasingly rapid. Companies can not close their eyes that there must be the technology that affects the work system in the company. Therefore, the influence is quite large, so companies must provide training for their HR to be techno savy. Therefore, they will be able to work productively, creatively, and innovatively.

  • Language training

Training and development on language should also be considered if the company wants to be more developed, like the Parker Distributor Indonesia companies, in which the companies that are affiliated with global Parker companies as distributors for the products. Certainly, the foreign language factor is a very fundamental thing to master.

  • Company Creativity Training

The process of creativity training or also called creativity training is a training and development program that can provide opportunities for company human resources to issue ideas based on rational values. This idea will be further developed so that the company can be better built.

Tips for Staff Training

Research says that people learn and store information very well when they use several aspects of their brains simultaneously. Thus, it is better to provide several ways for this. Initially it might be explained verbally, after that give examples through video and also give a manual book that they can read. Then if they have to learn an application, give them practice directly and also give a manual book that they can open and read at any time.

Then, by trying the staff to play the role. This is considered effective, especially for sales. You can give an example first, Then ask the staff to play their roles as if they were dealing with customers. By playing the role the staff can practice directly and you can correct if something is judged to be wrong and incorrect. By giving staff the opportunity to be creative, they can later evaluate themselves and determine good things for business progress such as Parker Distributor Indonesia companies. Of course it must be under supervision.

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