Simple Tips of How to Select A Printer

Printer becomes a need for office and school to support the printing activity. Therefore, in selecting a printer, it should be suited to what your needs are. Canon is known as one of the printer brands which has good quality. If you select Canon as your printer, then you can use canon ij setup where you can find and set up the printer based on its type.

Canon Printer

It is known that you can find Canon printer in so many variations of types. Each type has its features and supports so that you can select one of them based on what you need. Those who are running a business and own a home office, then you can select the one which is supported by fax machine, scanner, and copier. Then, if you need the one with the graphics printing quality, you can also find the printer in photograph purposes series.

Selecting A Printer

However, if you still need guidance on how to select a printer, here are the tips for you:

  • Ink type

It is important to select a printer by considering the ink type since it is the one that will cost you when you use it frequently. Therefore, make sure that the printer that you select has really good ink quality. For the tips, you can select inkjet printer since it is ink savvy.

  • Printing quantity

Another tip that you should know in selecting a printer is considering the printing quantity. If you need a printer which can result in a lot of printing in short of time, then laser printer is the best one that you can have. This kind of printer can perform printing about tens of paper in seconds. Then, if you to deal with lots of printing load, then this is the best choice for you.

  • Efficiency

Can you imagine if your home office has a scanner, printer, and copier? There will be more space occupied for the devices. Then, in selecting a printer, it is better to have an all-in-one printer so that all your needs available in one device only. Then, this is a good deal that you can have for your business and if you want to set up, you can use canon ij setup to install this.

  • Wire or wireless

As technology is now leading the people, they like something efficient. However, some people stay in line still. Well, it is the same as selecting a printer, you can select whether you like wire or wireless printer. The wire printer it the most used printer since you can plug into the PC or laptops for printing. Then, you can also select a wireless printer that you can just connect it from a WiFi connection.

Hence, it is good for you to select a printer based on what you need. There are lots of Canon printer types available in the market. Moreover, the setting up is not that difficult as you can use canon ij setup for it. Those tips will help to get the best printer.

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Ways to Make You Breathe Efficiently Through the Nose

Breathing is life. Most of you might be not aware that breathing gives you lots of benefits. However, it becomes a problem when your nose is getting stuffed which makes the air-breathing cannot flow properly. Therefore, it is good for you to know how to clear a stuffy nose so that you can breathe efficiently.

The Problem of Stuffy Nose

There are so many factors which cause your nose gets stuffed. First of all, when the weather is not really good which means that you often face the rainy days, you may have a cold. Then, if your immune system is not good enough, it will cause the viruses to disrupt your body. Cold is contagious so it would be so disturbing if you have your nose stuffed.

Tips to Keep Your Nose Clean

It would be nice for you to always keep your nose clean so that there is no more disturbing thing every time you breathe. In order to make you easier to breathe, just pay attention to the following things:

  • Keep your nose clean

It is such a problem when you feel uncomfortable to breathe since your nose is stuffed. Then, you should keep this clean. As it is said, the stuffed nose is caused by the cold. Hence, the first step of how to clear a stuffy nose is always bringing tissue. Once you have your nose stuffed, then it is better for you to clean it soon.

  • Cover your nose from the air pollution

Air pollution can also be another factor in order to make your nose get stuffed. Hence, when you going out, then you can cover your nose just to close the dust and air pollution enters your nasal system. Moreover, if you are having a cold, then it is pretty good for you to cover your nose with a mask. This will protect you to avoid your cold is getting worst.

You know that if you keep your nose clean then you can breathe efficiently. Moreover, it gives you lots of benefits if you can breathe easily.

  • Get your lungs healthy

The good nasal system will cause healthy lungs as well. This is good to make your respiration system is always going well. Once it is healthy, then it will improve your stamina and keep strong to spend your energy in your daily activity.

  • Make you easy to breath when you exercise

When you have your nose clean then you can breathe efficiently both through your nose and your mouth. Inhaling and exhaling are pretty important when you are doing exercise. That’s the vivid benefit of the clean nose.

  • Protect yourself for any viruses

Everyone should pay more attention to health since it is really precious. Then, you need to protect your body by doing some preventions. It is included to make your nose clean when you always keep it clean, it makes the viruses hard to enter your body. In addition, you can also take the vitamin to boost your immune system.

  • You can enjoy the activity

Having your nose clean actually makes you breathe efficiently. In addition, you can do any activity without being disturbed by the stuffy nose. Anything you can do happily!

Hence, there is no more disturbing thing to breathe if your nose is clean. As long as you keep this healthy, then it will not make the viruses enter your body and break your immune system. Moreover, you already know how to clear a stuffy nose with super easy ways. Keep your body healthy by protecting your body from the small things. Then, it will make your body get so many benefits.

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4 Ways to Promote a New Product or Service from New Brand

Are you on preparing to launch your store? Or, do you want to introduce your brand well massively? There are so many ways you can introduce and promote your brand even it is a new one. You can also imitate the way free iPhones 6 events become popular and make its brand getting better. Although we all already knew the Apple brand, it is not limited to your chance to promote a new product or service. So, is there any success way to promote a new product or service well? Success is based on your efforts, but you can place your hard work as your efforts. So, here are the most essential things should be done for promoting a new brand.

4 Essential Things to Do Promotion for Your New Product or Service Well

Basically, promoting a new product from a well-known brand is not as difficult as promoting a new product from a new brand. However, the concept is actually the same. As long as there are more satisfied customers on our products, so there will be more interest come to our product. If you still have no idea how to promote a new product, so here are the best recommends for you:

  • Prepare An Interesting Contest on Social Media

One of the best ways to gain attention from new customers is actively participated and persuade through social media. Nowadays, you will not only find one or two but more social media platform which can be used. The characteristics of each Social Media might be different, so you need to adjust it well.  If you want to promote your brand well, so you can prepare some contest on the social media of your brand. You can start from review contest or something interesting related that your new service or product. Moreover, you can also offer free iPhones 6 as a grand prize.

  • Apply Online Ads

Advertising does not only appear on television, street or leaflet. You can now find them on your social media. This system might be the greatest way for people who want their brands to be more acknowledged. That is why you can also get this way as one of the best promotion. There will be a charge for applying ads on social media, but it can be set on your budget. So, the more budget you have the more your ads will be on every user of social media.

  • Get More Reviews from Customers

Besides presenting an interesting contest, you can ask other people to boost your product or service to the public. One of the best ways is having help from a various public figure. You need to give your products or services to them and ask for their reviews. Basically, there is so-called paid to promote which you will hire that public figure to review your products or services well. In that way, the public figure or influence will influence their fans that your products and services are one of the best one so they should have it as well as their favorite influence of public figure.

  • An Outstanding In-Store Promotion

Besides promoting through online, you need also promote your product or service directly on your store. You cannot let your store left silently. There should be more and more customers who are interested in the new product or service. Basically, the concept is not too different from the first way, you can present a giveaway or contest. You can also even give free iPhones 6 as one of the best prize or even a grand prize. Giving discount is also one of the best attraction to the customer besides having a prize for following a contest.

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5 Cool Fitness and Healthy Tips to Achieve Your Body Goals

Do you want to achieve your body goals? It is easy! Just get a healthy life by doing exercise in a routine and have a healthy meal every day. In addition, you can also read healthy tips from any kind of sources, such as magazine, blog, etc. Body goals can be achieved with consistency and determination.

Get Your Body Goals

Having an ideal body is something which is really possible to have. As long as you are ready to be consistent, it would be okay for you to have a perfect body that you are dreaming of. This means that you will be welcoming a healthy life during the program. In addition, always remember that nothing is easy but if you can keep believing in your goals, all will be paid.

How to Achieve Your Body Goals

It is not just a dream since you can actually make this happen. The following tips can help this work:

  • Exercise daily

It is known that nobody is perfect since we as a human keep feeling dissatisfaction to a certain part of the body. If you like to achieve your body goals, it is good for you to take a routine exercise. This will let you have the ideal body as you want. If you like to shape your body, you need to recognize which part of the body that you think you need more exercise to shape it. In addition, you can go to the gym to have this or else you can also do exercise at home.

  • Have Healthy Diet

Another healthy tips that you can do are watching what you eat. Your meal will take a big role in order to shape your body. It is highly recommended for you to make a meal plan during the program. Make sure that your daily meal is full of vegetables, fruits and any kind of healthy meals. In addition, you need to stop having high calories drink during your diet.

  • Having good sleep

Another factor which can support you to have your body goal is about your sleeping time. You need to reach the minimum sleeping time for adults that is 6 hours. If you are often sleeping late, it would be difficult for you to get your body goals. Getting good sleep will let your muscles working and shape your body.

  • Tracking the calories per day

Another thing that you have to do is monitoring the calories per day. It is such a good thing for you to fulfill the calories that your body needs. In addition, this calories monitoring will let you avoid any calories exaggeration.

  • Stay motivated

After doing all of this, you also need to convince yourself to stay motivated. You have to believe that you can achieve your body goals.

Those are several healthy tips that you can do in order to shape up your body as your dream. There is nothing impossible to get your body goals. Now, you need to be consistent during the program to get a satisfying result.

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How To Stay Consistently Motivated For Better Health

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle? Almost everyone wants it. But usually the healthy definition of each person has a difference, there are those who think that healthy life is when he can sleep well without having to feel the pain and many more healthy definitions of each individual that is different from one with other. Whatever the definition of health, the whole point of the whole is that health is everyone’s dream, no one wants him to be unhealthy or in other words to have an illness.

Some Steps To Be Able To Consistently Pattern Healthy Life

Most people or almost all of the creatures in this world must have longed for a healthy life, so it is not surprising that many people are competing to have a healthy lifestyle such as regular sleep, eating nutritious foods, and many others. But all of that is not easy to do, because most people like to underestimate the things that are important to health. Well, so that we are more consistent in having a healthy lifestyle, there are a number of things that need to be done including the following:

  1. Paying attention to small things

Making a big healthy resolution is not a problem, but usually, we will be easy to be lazy to be consistent so that we can be consistent in a healthy life pattern we can start with small things until the small things can be used as good habits for a better life.

  1. Noting the impact of each action

Every action will have an impact, this also applies when we do something that is related to our body. We need to know all the effects to be able to avoid the bad possibilities that could happen to our bodies.

  1. Give a gift to yourself

Having consistency in applying healthy life is not easy, one way to motivate yourself to stay on the desired line is to give yourself a gift so that we will be more eager to be more consistent with a good lifestyle.

Some Important Reasons For Having A Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many benefits that we can get if we have a healthy lifestyle. So it is not surprising that many artists or public figures use healthy lifestyles to be able to get benefits that are very good for health and when viewed in terms of beauty, such as having a body that is ideal so it is very good to see, has a smooth and bright face. But actually, the reason we need to do a healthy lifestyle is more than mentioned. There are several important reasons why we need to be consistent to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including the following:

  1. The mind becomes healthier

The better the pattern of life that we live can also affect our minds, the mind will be healthier than we have habits that are not good.

  1. Having abundant energy and stamina

A healthy lifestyle will encourage the body to do a lot of movement. Good activities can usually help change the calorie intake into energy and stamina which is good for us to carry out daily living activities. In addition, we routinely exercise can also make our physical strength stronger and not easily weak.

Thus some important and interesting information that we can convey related to somehow to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers especially those of us who want high consistency in making a healthy lifestyle. Good luck and good luck guys!

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10 Tips for Digital Photography

Are you a newbie photographer? While you are turning out your job to be a photographer, you need to understand what kind of things you should have. You need to have cameras, PC, printers, and many more. While you are using the brother printer, don’t forget to install the brother printer drivers in your PC. It will help you a lot to print the photo in an advanced way.

Then, we will not talk about the brother printer drivers anyway. Here, we will talk further about tips for you to get beautiful and stunning digital photography. It will help you a lot to get professional photography. Don’t you need it?

The Tips Are….

Here are 10 tips for you:

Use the Thirds’ Rule

The rule of thirds is one of the most effective ways to stand out the result. It will make your photography looks wow and eye-catching. Thus, you need to learn more about the rule of thirds.

Don’t Shake Your Camera

The shaking camera will create blurred photographs. It is so much better if you are using tripods to make it stand still. It also will help you to focus your photograph to certain objects.

Use the Exposure Triangle

If you want to be a professional photographer need to master three basics like ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. It is called as Exposure Triangle. You need to learn how to operate them in a harmony to create the best photos.

Consider Using Polarizing Filter

If you want to use and buy a certain filter, the best option is a polarizer. Take a circular polarizer because it is the best recommendation types. It helps you a lot to create the best photos by reducing reflections from glass, metal, or water, and such as those things.

Create a Sense of Depth

To create a sense of depth, you have to take the photo in the landscape. You need to create a photo which can make the viewers feel like they are there.

Simple Backgrounds

Don’t use any crowd background to take a photo. Make it as simple as you can. The simple background will not distract the object.

Don’t Use Any Flash Indoors

While taking a photo indoors, avoid using a flash camera. Try to find the best spots which have more natural light.

Pick the Right ISO

You have to set up the ISO for your camera. It depends on the sensitivity of your camera to light and so on. You need to note about the right ISO for sunny days, rainy days, and more.

Create Motion

You can use panning techniques to create motion for the subject. To get the clear movement lines, use monopod or tripod to avoid any camera shaking.

Get Experience with the Shutter Speed

Don’t be afraid of making an experiment with the shutter speed. It helps you to know well about the speed of time shot as well as to know about the blurred movement of it.

Those are the tips you need to know to get the best photography. If you have understood about it, don’t forget to install the brother printer drivers to print out all the photographs you have taken.

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4 Fun Best Things to Do in Bali

Do you have a plane to go to Bali? Don’t forget to prepare anything that you need, like the accommodation and the destination. One of the best thing you should have to do is Bali ATV ride. SO, don’t forget to add this activity to your list during spending your holiday in Bali. As has been known, Bali is the exotic destination where you can find dozens of beaches. If you still have no idea what you will do during your vacation in Bali, so here are the best recommendation for you.

Things You Can Do During Your Vacation at Bali Beaches

Although you already add the Bali ATV ride activity to your list for holiday, it is still not enough. You need more activities for spending precious time in Bali. Here are four best things you can do while visiting Bali beaches:

  • Sunbathing at the Beach

One of the iconic activity when visiting beach is sunbathing. You can do this thing in Bali. However, you need to choose a beach where there are not too much people visit or, at least, there is an enough place for you to get sunbathing. At this point, you can search on internet the perfect beach for sunbathing and relax in Bali. On the other way, you can also visit to the private island or a beach which is little bit far from the center of Bali so there might be not too much people who will bother you.

  • Doing Water Sport

If you like riding ATV, so you can also try to do water sport. If riding ATV on the land, so you can ride whatever sport on the sea. It must be the greatest one since you will get refresh at one. At different beach, there will be different water sport rent. So, you still need to find the best beach where there is a water sport that you want to try or ride.

  • Learn the Culture of Bali

If you like to do Bali ATV ride, so you can try to rent it that can be ride around. Some of the rent place would prefer to rent the ATV only around the area. However, you can negotiate or find the rent which allow this kind of thing. Besides, you can also looking for the destination where you can learn the culture of Bali while riding the ATV. It is saving time as well as saving your energy.

  • Taste the Balinese Cuisine

It will never be great if you never taste the Balinese cuisine when you are visiting Bali. After riding the ATV, you need to recharge your energy. In this case, you need to eat some traditional foods and drinks from Indonesia, especially Bali. You will get the atmosphere of exotic island Bali afterward.

So, what is the next list you have to do beside Bali ATV ride during your vacation in Bali? Whatever your list is, you must be fun on it. Don’t forget to explore Bali more to get the hidden destination.

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My 10 Favorite Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist kitchen ideas 2019 does not only pay attention to all these elements. Minimalist kitchen design must also be able to present as little furniture as possible to optimize the function of the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design must be clever to deal with space and furniture and harmonize with the spaces around it.

This article presents 10 cool kitchen designs for a minimalist home that can inspire you to design a cool minimalist kitchen for your home.

Tropical Minimalist Kitchen

This tropical minimalist kitchen ideas 2019 is cool not only from its appearance but also because it is full of meaning. The design, which is based on Feng Shui with the demands of a specific size and placement of space, was able to deliver its functions optimally. The success of completing challenges to collaborate Feng Shui with the beauty of design makes this tropical minimalist kitchen extraordinarily cool. The material of kitchen furniture is dominated by logs as one of the elements underlying Feng Shui while strengthening the natural tropical impression. The character and color of the wood become a ‘point of interest’ that is cool and luxurious which balances the ‘coldness’ of the space dominated by white, also as a symbol of the balance of ‘the and the’ in life.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen

The choice of colors for a minimalist design is usually dominated by matching monochrome colors, such as white, black and gray. However, it does not mean it is possible to combine various colors.

Open-Plan Minimalist Kitchen

Togetherness, the use of space between the kitchen and the dining table must be balanced with the combination of designs that collaborate to unite and complement each other. The use of the same or matching colors and materials can get around the demands of this design.

Minimalist Pop Art Kitchen

Although in small portions, this tiny minimalist kitchen idea 2019 is able to side with the pop art-style sitting room next to it. The combination of these two styles, minimalism and pop art, is reinforced by wall tiles with small boxes on the wall near the sink.

Mid-Century Minimalist Kitchen

It turns out that minimalist styles can collaborate coolly in mid-century style. The use of wood that displays milk chocolate color strengthens its natural character. Although usually a minimalist design is dominated by horizontal and vertical lines with 900 angles, the curved shapes in the corners of the table and pantry chair actually give a simple, beautiful mid-century design character. The ‘simple’ pantry table shape also reinforces the minimalist impression.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist design with a dominance of horizontal and vertical lines can still be juxtaposed with contemporary style.

Without the presence of furniture, space will only appear empty, quiet, and of course: not aesthetic. Moreover, the existence of furniture is considered very important, considering that each object clearly has a different function. Even though they have the same predicate as ‘table’, the dressing table and coffee table have functions that are not at all the same.

The same thing applies to homes. Don’t care much; good-bad; or cheap-expensive furniture that is owned, all clearly useful, whether as a decorative or functional element.

Industrial Minimalist Kitchen

By choosing colors, minimalist and industrial designs are not much different, both utilize monochrome colors similar to black and gray tendencies. Materials such as wood and concrete that are rough and deliberately exposed have a special charm for a minimalist design that collaborates with industrial style. Although only using a small space under the stairs, but with the ingenuity of a blend of materials and architectural styles, this tiny kitchen is able to look neat, unique and cool.

Tiny Minimalist Kitchen

A kitchen ideas 2019 is considered cool not because of its size or expensive furniture, but also as an appreciation of the kitchen’s ability to optimize its function with a neat and unique appearance.

Minimalist White Kitchen

This cool minimalist kitchen comes with an all-white color display. Not only ordinary white, but deliberately designed with glossy white that reflects light as if it were a mirror. Lighting and air conditioning for the kitchen are obtained from open spaces in the middle of the house area like a courtyard and swimming pool. Between the kitchen and other spaces are designed with the penpen plan ’concept which maximizes the minimalist design through a little use of furniture, simplicity, and white dominance. Overall, this minimalist kitchen looks super clean with lighting reinforced by the reflection of the furniture.

Minimalist Black Kitchen

Who says black is dull, dirty and unattractive? In design, any color can appear charming thanks to clever expertise. Glossy black color in the kitchen cabinet is no less cool than other colors, instead, it has added value from black characters that show sturdiness.

A Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist design does not mean minimal color and monotonous. Every design in any architectural style has its own ability to appreciate the wealth of each character. The minimalist kitchen can also keep highlighting its character in various colors. The minimalist design appears with matching monochrome colors, contrasting colors can still be combined, and it can even be a special attraction.

Always remember, there is no limit in developing designs for space with any needs. Indeed there must be an architectural style that is used as the basic idea of the overall design. However, it does not mean that there is an opportunity to collaborate with other architectural styles. In fact, you can create your own style that is suitable and comfortable for you. Think openly and creatively, make your home design especially your minimalist original and cool kitchen ideas 2019.

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Unveiling the Potential Career as a Physical Therapist

A career in the health industry is one of the most wanted jobs for job seekers. Indeed, this industry provides a good career path for everyone who dedicated their lives to helping others in the name of humanity. Besides, the salary of health industry jobs is also quite big, ensuring many people to enroll in this major. So, how to become a physical therapist? This booming job position is getting more popular for days. Considering the position for your career path means you have to dedicate your time and effort to make it comes true. So, what are the requirements for being a physical therapist?

The Requirements for Being a Physical Therapist

Working as a physical therapist is one big responsibility you have to deal. At this position, you will have a responsibility in mending the damages occurred on a patient’s body. It takes dedication and also gentle touch towards the body. Of course, it is not a simple thing to do, as it requires you to deal with a big responsibility. Here are some things you need to know before deciding to be a physical therapist:

  1. If you want to start your career without any bachelor degree, then you will have to struggle to meet the requirements. You can enroll in any education program for being a physical therapist. In this case, the educational background is important for everyone who is looking for a job in the health industry. By considering them, you’ll get the dream job.
  2. When it comes to you to understand how to become a physical therapist, you’ll also need a DPT certification. It functions as a license for you to practice your knowledge from the college. Of course, it helps you to get the best job that suits your education the most. Thus, you’ll get your dream job as a physical therapist.
  3. In total, you will spend at least 7 years pursuing your education. In this case, you’ll spend at least 4 years to finish your bachelor degree and 3 years for getting your DPT certificate. But, you can accelerate the education stage by choosing am acceleration program, which will speed up your education to be 6 years until you get your DPT certification.
  4. Practices for excelling your physical therapist career is also a crucial thing to have. When it comes to you to understand how to become a physical therapist, you will also need a hands-on practice to make sure you understand your work. By considering the practice, you’ll find the simplest way to excel at your job.

The Job Descriptions of a Physical Therapist


Deciding to be a physical therapist is somehow a good decision for you. In this case, you can consider choosing the most recognizable institution for working. Besides, you also need to understand the job descriptions of a physical therapist.

  1. A physical therapist has an obligation to diagnose the functions and movements of a patient. To diagnose them, you need to observe their movements when walking and doing other movements to make sure you can examine their condition.
  2. By doing the observation and diagnose, you can also decide the personal plan for every patient who is your responsibility. By considering the personal plan, you can improve their condition well, giving more treatments that are suitable with their physical condition.
  3. Evaluating the patient’s condition is also a job description of a physical therapist. By evaluating their condition, you can get a glimpse of their physical performance. For instance, you can see how they adapt to the treatment, their improvement and others.

So, those are some important things you need to know about the requirements to be a physical therapist and also the job description of this job position. If you’re interested to know more about how to become a physical therapist, you can get more info from the web. We wish you a successful career!

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8 Facts On Education In Developing Countries

Developing countries are a country that has a low average income, relatively backward infrastructure, and a human development index that is less than global norms. The development includes the development of a modern infrastructure both institutional and physical and also a movement of low value-added sectors such as agriculture and natural resources extraction. The developing countries usually have an economic system which based on sustainable economic growth and self-restraint. To more understand about the education of the developing country, there are 8 facts about it.

The Policy

The wisdom of education in developing countries generally comes from the legacy of the colonial education policy. It is because of the developing countries at the time of their first independence have not been able to develop their own educational policies. The independence that has been achieved in the political field does not automatically follow by another field, especially in the educational field. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Characteristic

The characteristic of educational policy in developing countries gives more opportunities to the smallest community and does not provide more opportunities to most people. Such reality appeared initially in the early days of independence, especially in terms of the opportunity to obtain the education services, although is manifestation was finally more in touch with the issue of educational quality.

The Common Problem

The common educational problem in developing countries is the lack of teachers that qualified. Some underdeveloped countries have very few social upbringing up to become competent teachers because they occupy positions outside the teaching filed with high social salaries and prestige. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Cause Of The Low Quality Of  Education

In the developing country, some people assume that formal education is considered to be only a formality to shape human resources. No matter how the results of formal learning, the most important thing is to have education in high level and can be considered great by the community. That assumption makes the effectiveness of teaching in the developing country is low.

The Effectiveness Of Teaching

Efficient is how to produce the effectiveness of a goal with a more cheap process. In the education process, it will be much better if we take into account to get good results without forgetting t a good process. Those things are also lacking if we look at education in the developing countries. We do not consider that the process is more important than the standard results. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Low Quality If Physical Facilities

Many schools and colleges have damaged buildings, ownership and use of learning media are low, library books are incomplete. In fact, there are still many schools that do not have their own buildings, libraries, laboratories, and so on.

The High Cost Of Education

The quality of education in the developing country is influenced by the cost that very expensive. The high cost of education from based education until the high level of education. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

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