How to Maintain Your Hair in a Better Way

Hair is a crown for everyone, we must know how to keep hair healthy, soft and shiny. People are even willing to spend a lot of money to get top quality hair care. The number of hairstyles makes damaged hair damaged. Here are tips on keeping hair from damage. The method and the ingredients that use to do the treatment are easily found and very simple to do at your house without cost too much money, it is totally a huge benefit for you.

1. Choose A Product That Matches Your Hair Type

Get to know your hair type. Whether it’s dry or oily, adjust it to the type of shampoo and conditioner you will choose. Using the right shampoo will help repair damaged hair such as hair loss, breakage, and branching.

2. Shampoo Using Cold Water

Shampooing with cold water can help prevent hair loss. We must know that cold water can facilitate blood circulation. In addition to the use of cold water, it can maintain strength in the hair roots, cold water is also useful to keep the hair shiny and soft.

3. Using A Homemade Hair Mask

Make your own hair mask at home. The material is easy to get. You just choose the type, such as avocado masks, free-range chicken eggs, coconut milk, or aloe vera extract. Aloe vera is useful for making natural black hair and removing dandruff on the scalp. The way to make it very easy is to take the juice and spread it evenly over the hair that has been moistened with warm water. Wait until it seeps for about 15 minutes then rinse.

4. Using Baking Soda For Hair

Baking soda can be used to help reduce the chemicals found in the rest of the styling products that have just been used. How to make it very very easy, pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the water that will be used to rinse the hair. Rinse the hair with the mixture evenly and everything is done.

5. Combing The Hair In The Right Way

The right way to comb is by combing the tip of the hair first and then the top. Combing from above will make your hair fall out and break because of tangled hair. In addition, combs made of plastic can deliver static electricity and make your hair damaged. So you should avoid combs with plastic material.

6. Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a source of calcium. If many people think that calcium is only good for bones, then actually calcium is also good for hair health. When the calcium level in the body decreases, it also affects the strength of the hair, which makes hair fall out easily.

7. Take Some Oatmeal For Your Hair

Oats are one of the best foods to prevent hair loss. The content of biotin in oats is very good for maintaining the strength and moisture of the hair.

8. Don’t Comb Your Hair While It’s Still Wet

After shampooing, let your hair dry before combing it. Combing your hair in wet hair will only make your hair fall out and break because it is tangled.

9. Wrap It In A Towel Instead Of Rubbing It

Hair is very fragile when wet, that’s why instead of rubbing it with a towel, it’s better to wrap it in a towel to avoid broken hair. That are the steps to treat your hair to keep it healthy and shiny.