Cool Things on Apple Watch that You Should Know

Technology does help people to get life easier. This is something that you can when you use Apple watch. Everybody knows that it is a product of smartwatch which is associated with iPhone. This one is not only available as a watch, but it helps you to connect with all the things in your iPhone. Can you imagine if you join in free iPhone giveaways real and you can get iPhone for free? The rest is you can buy the Apple watch to complete this.

Apple Stuff Gets You Cooler

It is getting complete when you have a cool iPhone with the latest edition along with the Apple Watch. Now, do not hesitate to join in free iPhone giveaways real since you can also get the opportunities to win the iPhone. Anyone can be so happy when they got iPhone for free since this smartphone has been the people’s favorite all over the world. Therefore, just go search the ones that have free iPhone giveaway and read the terms and condition apply. When it is possible for you, then you can go for it.

Tips and Trick to Use Apple Watch

If you have an iPhone already, then it is good for you to complete it with Apple Watch. However, if you are still not sure how to use Apple Watch, several tips below might help you to understand this. Then, you can find out that it brings lots of benefits to you.

  • Take Photos from Your Watch

In order to take some snaps urgently, Apple Watch can help you on this. Thus, you do not need to get your iPhone since you can just turn on the camera and make sure that the focus camera is well set and you can tap white circle on it. It is easy, right?

  • Sharing the Activity

Through the Apple Watch, you can actually see the people’s progress, like their workout goal. In addition, you can also share the spirit to encourage your friends to achieve their body goals. Here this feature cannot just set as is, but you need to invite your friends so that you can see their activities completely. If you want to own the Apple Watch, you need to have iPhone first in which you can join free iPhone giveaways real.

  • Take A Screenshot

Another useful feature that you can do with Apple Watch is that you can take the screenshot through it. Sometimes, we need to take a screenshot for some reasons, such as capture moment, data and so on. If you want to take the screenshot, you can just press the side button on the digital crown for about 3 seconds. Then, the screenshot will come out on the pop-up photos and also your iPhone.

  • You Can Get Your Body Goal

Through your Apple Watch, you can have the Activity App. It is an application that enables you to achieve your body goal. Those who like to shape the body can use this as the guidance. This will be so helpful especially for those are difficult to be consistent. This App will help you to track how far you are jogging. In addition, this one will get you to be more consistent to be healthy until you achieve it.

  • Unlock Your Mac

In order to ease your access using Apple stuff, the use of Apple stuff can help you much. For example, you can unlock your Mac Book through your watch. The step is very easy, firstly make sure that your Apple stuff is already synchronized with the same iCloud account. If yes, you can open your Mac and set to Allow to Unlock Your Smartwatch.

  • Adjust the Volume of your Airpods.

When you listen to music or have a call with someone using Airpods and you think the volume is too high, you can just lower it through your smartwatch. Just press the button on the digital crown. Well, it is completely easy, right?

Hence, those are tips and tricks in order to use Apple Watch that is very helpful. Clearly, it makes you easier when you are unable to hold your Mac or iPhone. Just join yourself in free iPhone giveaways real so that you can get iPhone freely and complete it with Apple Watch.