The Importance of English in Primary School Education

Learning English is very important to learn for education and also for the future. This is because English is an international language that is widely used by countries in the world.

In some countries, English has become a second language for the native people. Because the role of English is so important in communication and Indonesia itself is a country that also uses English as the language of international communication, many use English learning applications.

There are some of the best app to learn English available on smartphones, which will help someone during learning English, especially when they are still studying at the school level in Indonesia.

Importance of English in School Education

Someone will get many benefits when mastering this language, one of which is being able to interact with foreigners and learn new things abroad. Well, here are some reasons why it is important to learn English at school.

  • Assist in continuing education abroad

Being able to continue their education up to the university level abroad is the dream of most students in Indonesia. However, there is one thing that must be considered when continuing your education abroad.

English is the main requirement for continuing education abroad. Why English? Because English is used as the language of instruction on campuses abroad. Almost the entire learning process carried out there uses English as the language of instruction.

  • Helping career enhancement

Mastering English also does not hurt. Another important reason to learn English is that it can improve one’s career. This is because many multinational companies require that every employee has the qualifications to be able to speak English well in oral and writing.

  • Increase the insight and knowledge

Learning English will increase one’s knowledge and insight. This is because English is widely used in scientific journals, research, and articles from abroad. By mastering English, it will be easy to understand the contents of the scientific journal.

  • Improve intelligence

Learning a language is supposed to increase intelligence. This is because mastering more than one language can have a positive impact on neurodevelopment in the brain. Learning the language also avoids the senile disease that many people suffer from.

If you are used to learning English, your brain will easily learn other foreign languages. This is because the capture power in the brain is getting bigger so that it is faster to catch the foreign language being studied.

  • Easy to understand technology

Most people who still stutter in technology are generally caused by a lack of understanding of English. Almost all current technology uses English as the language of instruction.

So, you can imagine that if you don’t understand English, you will often find it difficult to operate technological equipment. However, if you master English, it will be easier to operate it.

Various Apps to Learn English

Somebody who wants to travel along with the countries, or do an international conversation, must use English. Because English is an international language for communication.

Many people use a special application to help them learn English. Some of the best app to learn English are:

  • LingoDeer

The first application that is used to learn English is LingoDeer. This application is quite interactive and allows users to interact with foreigners in a contextual and also structural way. Learning by using this application includes listening, reading, and writing vocabulary techniques that are often heard or seen.

LingoDeer also offers an interesting design with a variety of themes, such as themes about pets, family, traveling, general questions, special questions, and so on. Through this, users can get used to communicate according to the theme.

  • Duolingo

Another application that is used by beginners today is Duolingo. This application is quite popular on Android and iOS. This application has been downloaded 200 million times by users around the world.

So, it can be said that this application is the best app to learn English for smartphone users around the world.

The design of the application looks like a game display that is quite interesting to learn. It contains grammar, conversation, phrases, and also vocabulary in every theme.

Those are the information to share about the importance of English in primary school education and also various application that can say as the best app to learn English for beginners. Hopefully, it can be useful, thank you so much.