Simple Tips of How to Select A Printer

Printer becomes a need for office and school to support the printing activity. Therefore, in selecting a printer, it should be suited to what your needs are. Canon is known as one of the printer brands which has good quality. If you select Canon as your printer, then you can use canon ij setup where you can find and set up the printer based on its type.

Canon Printer

It is known that you can find Canon printer in so many variations of types. Each type has its features and supports so that you can select one of them based on what you need. Those who are running a business and own a home office, then you can select the one which is supported by fax machine, scanner, and copier. Then, if you need the one with the graphics printing quality, you can also find the printer in photograph purposes series.

Selecting A Printer

However, if you still need guidance on how to select a printer, here are the tips for you:

  • Ink type

It is important to select a printer by considering the ink type since it is the one that will cost you when you use it frequently. Therefore, make sure that the printer that you select has really good ink quality. For the tips, you can select inkjet printer since it is ink savvy.

  • Printing quantity

Another tip that you should know in selecting a printer is considering the printing quantity. If you need a printer which can result in a lot of printing in short of time, then laser printer is the best one that you can have. This kind of printer can perform printing about tens of paper in seconds. Then, if you to deal with lots of printing load, then this is the best choice for you.

  • Efficiency

Can you imagine if your home office has a scanner, printer, and copier? There will be more space occupied for the devices. Then, in selecting a printer, it is better to have an all-in-one printer so that all your needs available in one device only. Then, this is a good deal that you can have for your business and if you want to set up, you can use canon ij setup to install this.

  • Wire or wireless

As technology is now leading the people, they like something efficient. However, some people stay in line still. Well, it is the same as selecting a printer, you can select whether you like wire or wireless printer. The wire printer it the most used printer since you can plug into the PC or laptops for printing. Then, you can also select a wireless printer that you can just connect it from a WiFi connection.

Hence, it is good for you to select a printer based on what you need. There are lots of Canon printer types available in the market. Moreover, the setting up is not that difficult as you can use canon ij setup for it. Those tips will help to get the best printer.

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10 Tips for Digital Photography

Are you a newbie photographer? While you are turning out your job to be a photographer, you need to understand what kind of things you should have. You need to have cameras, PC, printers, and many more. While you are using the brother printer, don’t forget to install the brother printer drivers in your PC. It will help you a lot to print the photo in an advanced way.

Then, we will not talk about the brother printer drivers anyway. Here, we will talk further about tips for you to get beautiful and stunning digital photography. It will help you a lot to get professional photography. Don’t you need it?

The Tips Are….

Here are 10 tips for you:

Use the Thirds’ Rule

The rule of thirds is one of the most effective ways to stand out the result. It will make your photography looks wow and eye-catching. Thus, you need to learn more about the rule of thirds.

Don’t Shake Your Camera

The shaking camera will create blurred photographs. It is so much better if you are using tripods to make it stand still. It also will help you to focus your photograph to certain objects.

Use the Exposure Triangle

If you want to be a professional photographer need to master three basics like ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. It is called as Exposure Triangle. You need to learn how to operate them in a harmony to create the best photos.

Consider Using Polarizing Filter

If you want to use and buy a certain filter, the best option is a polarizer. Take a circular polarizer because it is the best recommendation types. It helps you a lot to create the best photos by reducing reflections from glass, metal, or water, and such as those things.

Create a Sense of Depth

To create a sense of depth, you have to take the photo in the landscape. You need to create a photo which can make the viewers feel like they are there.

Simple Backgrounds

Don’t use any crowd background to take a photo. Make it as simple as you can. The simple background will not distract the object.

Don’t Use Any Flash Indoors

While taking a photo indoors, avoid using a flash camera. Try to find the best spots which have more natural light.

Pick the Right ISO

You have to set up the ISO for your camera. It depends on the sensitivity of your camera to light and so on. You need to note about the right ISO for sunny days, rainy days, and more.

Create Motion

You can use panning techniques to create motion for the subject. To get the clear movement lines, use monopod or tripod to avoid any camera shaking.

Get Experience with the Shutter Speed

Don’t be afraid of making an experiment with the shutter speed. It helps you to know well about the speed of time shot as well as to know about the blurred movement of it.

Those are the tips you need to know to get the best photography. If you have understood about it, don’t forget to install the brother printer drivers to print out all the photographs you have taken.

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8 Facts On Education In Developing Countries

Developing countries are a country that has a low average income, relatively backward infrastructure, and a human development index that is less than global norms. The development includes the development of a modern infrastructure both institutional and physical and also a movement of low value-added sectors such as agriculture and natural resources extraction. The developing countries usually have an economic system which based on sustainable economic growth and self-restraint. To more understand about the education of the developing country, there are 8 facts about it.

The Policy

The wisdom of education in developing countries generally comes from the legacy of the colonial education policy. It is because of the developing countries at the time of their first independence have not been able to develop their own educational policies. The independence that has been achieved in the political field does not automatically follow by another field, especially in the educational field. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Characteristic

The characteristic of educational policy in developing countries gives more opportunities to the smallest community and does not provide more opportunities to most people. Such reality appeared initially in the early days of independence, especially in terms of the opportunity to obtain the education services, although is manifestation was finally more in touch with the issue of educational quality.

The Common Problem

The common educational problem in developing countries is the lack of teachers that qualified. Some underdeveloped countries have very few social upbringing up to become competent teachers because they occupy positions outside the teaching filed with high social salaries and prestige. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Cause Of The Low Quality Of  Education

In the developing country, some people assume that formal education is considered to be only a formality to shape human resources. No matter how the results of formal learning, the most important thing is to have education in high level and can be considered great by the community. That assumption makes the effectiveness of teaching in the developing country is low.

The Effectiveness Of Teaching

Efficient is how to produce the effectiveness of a goal with a more cheap process. In the education process, it will be much better if we take into account to get good results without forgetting t a good process. Those things are also lacking if we look at education in the developing countries. We do not consider that the process is more important than the standard results. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

The Low Quality If Physical Facilities

Many schools and colleges have damaged buildings, ownership and use of learning media are low, library books are incomplete. In fact, there are still many schools that do not have their own buildings, libraries, laboratories, and so on.

The High Cost Of Education

The quality of education in the developing country is influenced by the cost that very expensive. The high cost of education from based education until the high level of education. It also to be the one thing that has arranged in West Papua Petition.

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Several Reasons to Take Study of Childhood Education for Your Career

Once you have your own kids, you have a big responsibility for them. It is because the biggest factor how a child personality will be comes from the family. Therefore, you need to educate them since the early age. It is important to build the character and figure out what skill and ability of your children.

The Importance of Childhood Education

It is good for the parents to dig and discover more and more the education that will be given to their children. Then, the parents also need to think about the importance of education for their children so that they will never be wrong for the future in order to take any action for the children related to their education.

The Benefit of Study Childhood Education

On the other hand, the role of the educators will also play as the big major in the children’s development. They take the role to replace parents when they educate the children. For you who like to know why it is important to study childhood education, the following reasons may help you to take this study.

  • Become Inspiration

Becoming a graduate degree with early childhood education will find so many exciting things on it. You will have so many opportunities afterward. There will be things waiting for you since you will spend your day with the kids and take the role to educate them. You may select the career of your self whether you will be teaching in the traditional classroom or hired to be a tutor in a facility. You will take that role and it is so meaningful both for your career development and for the children education.

  • Life career

After taking the study of early childhood education, you may understand that your career opportunity will be wide open. In addition, you can decide the level of your working since you can select by your own whether you will work at the local or national level.

  • Building good potential

Taking study about early childhood education will let you have worth things both for you and the children. Since you educate them based on the study that you have got, so it would build such good potential for the children. You build their character which will be lasting until they grow up.

  • Getting great income

Nowadays, people are aware of enrolling their children to get the best education for their life. Then, this would be a good career if you take this study. You can shape your career path of being a childhood educator. In this part, you can just have good performance since the better will be the greater income that you will have.

Thus, those are things that can be a reason why it is important to study childhood education. There will be so many benefits that you can take. It is not only for you that your career will grow up and you can have lots of opportunities there, but also for the children that you teach. The will grow up and apply what you have taught in the future.

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My Best 3 Recommended Books For Business


The biggest lesson you have ever learned might come from your own experience. But it doesn’t matter if you want to learn from the advice and experience of others, as long as you want to continue learning. Maybe you often heard about a word that the best way to get information, education and also inspiration is just to read the book. You can consider the book you are about to read. To add more information and also an inspiration to you in building your business, here are some books are written by business mentors who reveal skills and lessons. These books might cut your learning year in business school and save you money for business schools.

Take A Look At These Educative Books

  1. Built To Sell

The Portfolio Trade has reprinted John Warrillow’s book in December 2012. You may have heard an advice like ‘exit strategy’ when starting a business. But many entrepreneurs have not considered what strategies are needed in making sales. In this ‘Built To Sell’ book, the writer presents some interesting cases which are so functional for the entrepreneur by approaching business from a selling perspective.

Although contrary to the intuition of other entrepreneurs, in fact, this approach is something that can help readers to create more value for their business, namely developing a business built with the system. This book is written like a story, which means it doesn’t matter for you to follow from the beginning, middle or end. Unlike another book of business whose, the contents are like some textbooks.

  1. First Thing First

This book was written by Stephen R. Covey (reprinted in January 1996 edition by Free Press). At first glance, this books might seem like another productivity book. But the productivity in question is not doing a lot of things with little time, but doing things with the time you have. Many entrepreneurs know that the most valuable asset is time. But not all entrepreneurs know the right way to use time. This book gives meaning, whoever applies it, even though a small part of what is described in this book, then that person will begin to see a dramatic shift in his life.

  1. Choose Yourself!

The author of this book is James Alutcher, published by the Create Space Independent Platform in June 2013. The writer believes, for every each entrepreneur, there are 2 important things. The first, when people choose to finally become entrepreneur itself, and second when people take 100 % responsibility for the success and also a failure. This book is a book about the second part, which is responsibility.

It’s not enough to just want to succeed or believe in a success. Instead, for every entrepreneur, of course, must face facts which someone else responsible to you. This book speaks from an experience as someone has gone through a lot of turns and also twists that might make readers love him and also become frustrated at the same time. But in the end, you will come to a conclusion, that you have to choose yourself if you want to succeed.

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Top 3 Bad Habits in Children and How to Avoid Them

Of course, the parent wants their children to be always healthy, including dental health. Dental and oral health is certainly very important for everyone. Apart from having an aesthetic impact, tooth decay can also result in a person’s growth and development, especially in children. Children who have not been able to choose food which eatable, can make them able to eat whatever they like. Of course, consuming any food carelessly can be a bad habit in children that damages teeth. People know they should accompany their children when brushing their teeth, so they can teach them how to brush their teeth properly.

Checking dental and oral hygiene early is important. Adults are advised to go to the dentist every six months, while children are advised to go to the dentist every three to four months. This is because children are still in the stage of growth and development, so doctors can take preventive measures in children if dental problems are identified. Tooth decay in child certainly does not just happen and in a short time. To prevent those unwanted things, the parent must know these bad habits in children that can damage teeth.

Some Bad Habits Which Are Must Prevented

  1. Sucking thumb

Parents will usually let the child suck on their thumbs because this can make the child feel comfortable and not fussy. But it turns out that habits like this can affect the contour of the jaw or the occurrence of malocclusion. Of course, this will affect the process of chewing food. It is important for parents to immediately forbid children from inserting a thumb or other finger in the mouth.

  1. Drink milk from a pacifier bottle

5In general, parents will allow children to drink milk from a pacifier bottle, even though this habit can make the child’s teeth hollow and can cause molculation. When feeding through a pacifier bottle, the mouth will be closed, as well as the tongue, so that the upper teeth and rear molars will be submerged by milk. Not only that, the flow of saliva in the mouth will decrease so that there is no oral cleansing fluid. This process if left continuously and for a long time, will form caries gradually. This can be prevented in several ways. For example is after drinking milk, then drinking water. Also when the child has entered the age of two years, start teaching them to drink milk through glasses, straws, or spoons.

  1. Biting nails, pencils, or other hard objects

In addition to affecting the contour of the jaw, the habit of biting hard objects can also make the tooth fracture. Usually, children who like to bite things will experience crossbite, which is the position of the lower teeth that are more advanced than the upper teeth. To avoid this, parents can continue to remind children not to enter foreign objects other than food and drinks into their mouths.

Parents must do better things to make their child always grow healthy. You can prevent those bad habits to make child’s teeth always healthy. That’s it and hopefully, this article can be helpful for you.

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