Tips to Optimize your Gaming Mouse

Do you know that small components, like a mouse, actually will strongly affect your gaming experience. Not to mention, the right choice of gaming mouse will also boost up your success in playing games. This time on Fileloysoft, we are going to talk about the tips to optimize your gaming mouse. For the very first start, you should choose the best options among all, which is the one with the most compatible specifications for your needs. Nonetheless, you should also consider the comfort aspect. Right now, let’s move on to keep it maintained, and moreover improve it to earn even more benefits from it.

Several Tips in Optimizing your Gaming Mouse

Below are 5 tips you can do to enhance your gaming mouse and perform better while playing games:

  1. Laser or optical mouse

Your choice of your gaming mouse is actually very essential. For your reference, you will meet two types of a gaming mouse, laser and optical. Generally speaking, a laser mouse is the one connected best to the blue LED, and the one type that’s more adaptive to surfaces, like your plain desk or mouse pad, and even glass. For other information about this, you can learn more about a mouse on the Fileloysoft page.

  1. DPI adjustment

DPI is Dots per inch, the value that’s related to the speed of a mouse. The bigger the DPI value is, the faster is the cursor movement. There are games that are fast-paced, therefore you should control your mouse faster in playing or switching game types. While you first have to pick the mouse that suits your needs and budget, a mouse that’s good in terms of accuracy and speed will sure make a huge difference.

  1. Macro key

The mouse that is specially designed for gaming often has a macro key, or multiple, to offer more access. It can found on the right or left side of the mouse mostly is based on how the mouse is aimed for specific right-handed and left-handed users. Going for a mouse with this feature that’s also comfortable for your hold will improve your gaming performance.

  1. Device port

A gaming device port is equipped to transfer a certain amount of connectivity and acceleration in order to pursue a high-end gaming experience. The exact reason why you really need gaming device ports on your motherboard is that you also need to react faster and more responsive while playing games.

  1. Mouse feet

Mouse feet play an important role in your gaming experience as its smoothness will offer nice speed to your movement. For your information, the most common and reliable material for it is Teflon, made from a chemical named PTEF (Polytetrafluorethene). Relating to the usage of high-quality mouse feet, have it with you a quality mouse pad, too. You can either invest on a good mouse pad as well or periodically changing the Teflon tape in case it’s easily damaged.

So, there are the main 5 tips to optimize your gaming mouse. If you ever look for information, and even upgrade to your gaming mouse, feel free to visit and find more on Fileloysoft.