How to Air Filtration Works

Living in a big city seems to need clean air. Because in big cities there are many tall buildings and very high levels of air pollution, resulting in a lack of clean air. It is very rare to breathe fresh air if we live in big cities. But that doesn’t mean we will never breathe fresh air. We can still breathe fresh air in the house.

How The Air Filter Works

An air purifier or what we know as an air filter is a tool that probably almost every house in a big city has. This is one way to get clean and healthy air in the house

Authorized Parker Distributor Indonesia provides various types of air filters that you can buy and install at home. Then how does this tool work?

The air purifier will work by removing cool air. In contrast to the air conditioner (AC) and air cooler. The way this air filter works will make our room feel cooler.

The way it works is that the air around us is sucked in using the fan inside this tool. then this air is continued to the filter on the back.

It is in this filter that the air filtering process occurs. The results of the filtered air will then be channeled through the front and released by the air purifier in cooler, fresher and pollution-free conditions.

This tool does not only work to filter the air from dirt and dust. But germs and bacteria in the air can also be filtered with this tool. the ability to clean the air can reach 95%.

How to Choose an Air Purifier

Before you decide to buy air filtration. Authorized Parker Distributor Indonesia will provide tips on choosing a good air filtration. Here is the review:

  1. Pay Attention to Features and Adjust To Needs

Many brands and types of air purifiers offer a variety of features and advantages. The more sophisticated the features, the more expensive the price. So you have to pay attention to what features your home needs.

  • Pay attention to the type of HEPA, which is a tool that works like a vacuum that can absorb all dust and bacteria particles. Choose air filtration with this feature.
  • Choose Plasmacluster type air filtration. This air filter is capable of producing OH radicals which can kill germs. Especially during a pandemic like this, you need air filtration.
  • Choose air filtration with UV light Generator. This UV light is able to kill bacteria, mold and other small particles. but it can’t dust and deodorize
  • Pay attention to the type of carbon filter. The thicker the filter, the more effectively this tool works.
  1. Adjust the area of ​​the room with the range of air filtration

Adjust the area of ​​your home with the range of the air filter. So that this tool can detect how long it will take to clean the air.

  1. Select Large Air Volume

The goal is to make the circulation rotate faster. The greater the air volume capacity, the faster the filtration process.

  1. Select Which has a timer

You have to remember that how this air filtration works also consumes electricity. To be more efficient, you should buy an air filter that has a timer. So that this tool works only when needed.

Good air filtration is one that doesn’t make loud noises and saves energy. Authorized Parker Distributor Indonesia provides a solution for those of you who are looking for air filtration.

Choose air filtration for the health of your family. especially if you have a respiratory disease. So you really need clean and cool air around your house.